Rishikesh is a holy town and a place where various religious activities are performed. It is connected with Haridwar and is also gateway to the char dham Yatra. Char Dham is a popular Holy Temples on the hills and Thousands of people attracted each year to Rishikesh for Spiritual Relief, Learn, peace and to take Dip of Salvation. In every place of the Rishikesh there are wide ranging Temples Situated. There are many ancient temples in rishikesh that attracts people. Some of them are: – neelkanth mahadev temple, kunjapuri, parmarth niketan, bharat mandir, geeta bhavan, someshwar mahadev and chandreshwar mahadev temple.

Durga Mandir

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Virbhadra Rd, Malv...



Jai mata di.. durga mandir is very nice temple. It is clean and has all stautes of god-goddess.. This place is also suitable for organising events. Read more…

Lakshmi Narayan Mandir

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Ram Jhula, Swarg As...



इस मंदिर के चारो ओर लिखी रामचरित मानस इसे पृथक बनाती है। मंदिर का माहौल भी बहुत अच्छा है। आस पास रहने की जगह भी है। Read more…

Chandreshwar Mahadev Temple

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Chandreshwar Mahade...

Chandreswar Mandir Road


ऋषिकेश में मां भागीरथी के पावन तट पर भोलेनाथ का स्वंयभु शिवलिंग है जो कि चन्द्रेश्वर महादेव के नाम से प्रसिद्ध है। केदार खण्ड में भी इस… Read more…