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Beauty & Personal Care

There are various beauty parlour & personal care centers In Rishikesh which provides different types of product and treatment which an individual need. Not only for women, even men grooming products are available here. Here in shops one can find products of different types of brand. For the beauty treatment purpose the artists here are highly skilled. From basic grooming to advanced service everything is available here in Rishikesh. The types of service offered by the beauty parlor includes a) facial b) waxing c) manicure and pedicure d) treading e) hair spa. Apart from these, beauty salon and parlor also offer many other services such as haircut, nail art, hair spa, body polishing etc.

So here in Rishikesh one can find different types of beauty zone and products according to their need.

The definition of personal care in books is – “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one owns health”- and this extends to beauty too. In today times it is essential to maintain your looks for being presentable and confident. And for that there are numerous product and treatment available in market that are designed to make us look healthy and beautiful.