shri sai anmol guest house & restaurant

267, Dehradun Rd, Rishikesh Uttranchal, Rishikesh - 249409, Natraj Chowk

9412901298 , 9412975826 , 9412008183 , 9412901297

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Celebrated as one of the city’s best is, Shri SAI Anmol Guest House & Restaurant in Rishikesh. The hotel is strategically located in Rishikesh Uttranchal. This hospitality destination has grown to become the ideal place for travelers and those on business to feel at home when in the city. Many have also reviewed the hotel to be among the sought after Hotels in Rishikesh. The hotel functions from 09:30 – 18:30 all through the week. Catering to the convenience of its guests, the hotel makes available various payment methods to ease out the payment process .

With the aim of pampering its guests to a thrilling experience, the hotel features a plethora of services . The hotel is also classified as a destination to resort to when in need of Hotels, Lodging Services, Guest House. When looking to satiate one’s cravings, the in-house restaurant is where one can choose to either dine-in or order food online at the single click of a button. Over the years patrons have been constantly rating the hotel based on their experiences which now brings the property to a 0.5 rating value. It has a total of 0+ ratings. When in the city, be sure to enjoy a stay here as it is known to be one of the leading Hotels In Rishikesh Uttranchal.

One can follow the address which is – 267,Dehradun Rd,Natraj Chowk,Rishikesh Uttranchal-249409 to visit the hotel. An easier way to get in touch with them is through their official telephonic contact – +(91)-9412901298,9412975826,9412008183,9412901297.

What is Shri Sai Anmol Guest House & Restaurant Contact Number?

9412901298 , 9412975826 , 9412008183 , 9412901297

What is Shri Sai Anmol Guest House & Restaurant Address?

267, Dehradun Rd, Rishikesh Uttranchal, Rishikesh - 249409, Natraj Chowk

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