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Mukti dhan, Swargasharam, Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh - 249201, Opp Gita Bhawan


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Rays Marketing

Rays Marketing is involved in  trading of herbal and ayurvedic products since 2013.

“It is easy to control your own food supply and take care of one’s Health. Time has shown that our battle against degenerative & chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease,diabetes, arthritis and other cannot be won by palliative measures like surgery, chemotherapy and other medical intervention but only through prevention. Unfortunately, more people wait until there is a critical problem to give preventive action a thought and then it becomes a question of preventing a recurrence.But true prevention stops a problem before there is serious permanent damage. The fact is survival is not only possible but also joyous. It is the re-inheritance of our natural birthright-health which has been stripped from us, modern man’s errors in judgement.” said by Ann Wigmore, Boston.

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7895421378 , 8449783022 , 0135 2440101

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Mukti dhan, Swargasharam, Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh - 249201, Opp Gita Bhawan

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