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The Vedic Yoga Centre (VYC) is located on the banks of the holy Ganga in the stunning town of Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is regarded as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ and is just six hours by car, train or bus from Delhi. The Centre is a peaceful oasis for learning and practicing the ancient science of yoga, specifically Vedic Yoga.

Vedic Yoga is a practice based upon the traditional teachings of the Vedas which are the oldest Sanskrit writings. The practice of Vedic Yoga aims to teach us our true nature which is that of universal consciousness. The courses offered by the Centre are based on these teachings as seen through the eyes, and particularly the experience, of Shailendra Singh Negi, senior teacher at the Vedic Yoga Centre.

There are many different forms of yoga, most of which are focused on one particular aspect of practice. However, the Vedic Yoga  Centre uses a combination of all different ancient teachings which include Mantra, Meditation, Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Bandha and Mudra, thus encompassing Body, Mind and Spirit. It will awaken within you an attitude that will help you to Serve, Love and Surrender – qualities which we foster at our Centre.

The way to connect with your higher self and tune your inner body only comes through practicing with discipline and determination. The Vedas are the wisdom, and the Yogic practice is the tool which helps awaken this wisdom within you. The result will bring harmony between your thoughts, behaviour and actions which will help you to experience a life without fear and one of peace, happiness and contentment.

Meditative contemplation, faith in God, trust in oneself, appreciation of – and living in harmony with – the environment and nature, and experiencing oneness in all interactions, are some of the basic foundations of the Vedic tradition. Just as the different beads of a rosary are linked together by one single thread, so all the various traditions of Vedanta and Tantra are linked by Yoga. Yoga is the underlying practical aspect of all spiritual traditions as it leads to enhanced awareness and realisation of oneness with the Universe.

The Vedic Yoga Centre is registered as a Vedic Yoga Trust which is a charitable institution. The Centrewas founded by Shailendra Singh Negi to help bring the Vedic sciences back into our daily lives.Shailendra has the insight and intuition to gently guide and support each individual in the direction they most need.

Visitors from all over the world call in to sample a traditional yoga or meditation class, or stay at the centre’s purpose-built accommodation.

Guests can partake in the many courses on offer or simply just stay and enjoy this fascinating area of the Himalayas.

What is International Vedic Yoga Centre Contact Number?

0135 2440103 , 9760932106

What is International Vedic Yoga Centre Address?

Vedic Yoga Centre Neelkanth Road, Laxman Jhula RISHIKESH 243902 HIMALAYAS, UTTARAKHAND, INDIA

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