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Aim of this business

Jai Sai Motors aims to solve the absence of last and first-mile connectivity that exists in most of the major cities in India. They are the best bike rental in Rishikesh for the users with the experience of a personalized ride where the process of renting a bike/scooter is made easy and hassle-free.

Bike Rental in Rishikesh

We provide the best quality bike for rent in Rishikesh at the cheapest price near you. Hire your dream bike today from the Jai Sai Motors bike rental service provider.

Jai Sai Motors is the largest provider of rental bikes in Rishikesh. Get any rental bike or Scooty on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rental plan. Rent a wide range of bikes on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Unlike others, we offer you the bike for a full 24 hours on our daily bike rental plans, where you can keep our rental motorcycles for 24 hrs if rented for a day.


Our mission is to make our fleet available to everyone out there with a combination of good service and affordable prices. Your satisfaction will make us grow

We are here to provide a hassle-free renting experience for Bikes & Scooty and make your lifestyle more comfortable and joyful. We know how difficult it is to go and search for your desired Bike or Scooty in perfect condition & at an affordable price.

Scooty on Rent in Rishikesh-(Scooty hire in Rishikesh)

Scooty on Rent in Rishikesh

Why pay higher when you can rent a bike at really cheap prices We also have added a range of bikes to rent like BMW, Harley Davidson, Himalayan, Dominar, Royal Enfield, Bajaj Pulsar, KTM Duke, Yamaha FZS, Thunderbird, Splendor, Passion, Scooter, Avenger, and more and many more in our fleet to give you choice to pick your favorite bike. If you are looking for a bike rental nearby, just look for the nearest location which is given with every rental bike.

We not only provide bikes but we also provide the best Scooty on Rent like activa, pleasure, maestro and many more according to customer needs

Adventure Tour with two-wheeler

Irrespective of humans is incomplete without dream bikes and adventure tours. And, the definitions of adventure keep on changing with traveler perception. Some believe fun is riding a bike within a Rishikesh while others want to conquer the roads with a jeep or car to bring adventure in life


Jai sai Motors is just not the name of a travel group that provides Rishikesh bike rental services but a medium that opens the gate of opportunity where you can spread your wings as per your interests.

For a dynamic and adventurous road trip, you just have to choose the two wheels that best suit your needs. Jai sai motors is a really convenient solution for Bike Rentals Near You.

Two-wheeler rent at affordable prices

himalayan bike on rent

Choosing a two-wheeler rental allows you to enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle by choosing the convenience of savings and with all the guarantees that only a serious and attentive rental service can give you. It is not always essential to buy new expensive superbikes or any other machine to be able to make a journey at the same time safely.

At Jai sai motors Rishikesh you can take your favorite bikes on hire in Rishikesh, and much more for your next ride: by relying on Jai Sai motors you can quickly hire the best motorcycles on rent near you, immediately ready to use.

Fun and adventure are just a step back from you! What are you waiting for, just search bikes on rent near me and explore the destination to its core? Riding is an addition in itself and the joy gets doubles when a traveler chooses the trustworthy and secures Bike rentals services.

Bike rental Service in Rishikesh India

Most people think that enthusiasts Rent a bike near them to save money but these boring people don’t know that it is an amazing feeling when a cool and pure breeze strikes the face. The excitement gets double by viewing the enticing panorama of the site.

There is a pool of travel groups dealing with bike rental services in Rishikesh but we are a little different from them due to our customer support and trustworthy services.

Modifying/Cancelling the Booking

The modification/cancellation policy will depend on the dealer. You can cancel the booking at any time and the best advantage is that you don’t have to pay any charge before the booking and you can modify your booking at any time

Why Jai Sai Motors For Bike Rental in Rishikesh

  • We have the attractive and latest model of bikes on Rent
  • Verified dealer
  • Prompt response and services

Tips to Know Before Renting a Bike in Rishikesh

  • Always check the condition of the bike before hiring it.
  • Read the rental agreement carefully and note any existing damages mentioned in the agreement to avoid liability for any existing damages.
  • Never ever drink and drive.
  • Always follow traffic rules.
  • Carry original copies of your driving license and other documents.
  • These rental bikes have an All-India permit. But, before taking the bike to another state, ask the dealer for permit documents so that you do not get into trouble with the authorities.

What is the Recovery policy in Case of Damage/Theft?

In case of minor damages, you will have to pay charges on the basis of the estimated cost of repairs. In case of theft or damage due to over speeding/drunk driving/violation of traffic rules, you will need to bear the insurance charge for that vehicle

How to Rent a Bike in Rishikesh?

In order to Rent a Bike or Scooty you need to book your Ride over the phone else you can visit our office. Get the check done on the vehicle you want to Ride, Submit a Valid Photo Id Proof, and a Copy of your Driving License. Check if all the Documents of the Vehicle are given to you.

Is there any km limit while renting a bike?

No, there is no km limit you just need to take the bike according to your time or for a whole day basis.

What is the price of bike rental in Rishikesh?

It starts from Rs 500 and goes up to Rs 3500.

Is fuel included in rented bikes?

No, the fuel charge is not included in the rental price of the bike. The fuel tank of the bike is filled with that much of sufficient fuel so that you can start the bike and reach the nearest petrol station.

Is there any security amount to pay during renting of bikes

No, there is no need to pay any security amount during the renting of bikes.


What is Bike Rental In Rishikesh Contact Number?

0135-2435625, +91-9837008225, +91-72900 69392

What is Bike Rental In Rishikesh Address?

No 41, Tilak Rd, near Nagar Palika, Doctor Colony, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249201

If you can't find your listing/business on Google Map or showing incorrect location then please contact us: +91-9837512000

Best Bike on rent 

  • BMW on Rent

  • Himalayan Dominar on rent 
  • Royal Enfield on rent 
  • Bajaj Pulsar on rent

  • Splendor on rent 
  • Passion on rent 
  • Scooter on rent 
  • Avenger on rent 
  • Xpulse on rent

  • Benelli on rent 

Scooty on Rent

  • Activa on rent 
  • Pleasure on rent 
  • Maestro on rent 

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  1. Priyanshu

    Best bike rental service provider in rishikesh

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    Best rental service provider in Rishikesh region

    March 26, 2022 at 1:22 PM Log in to reply.
  3. Yogesh

    I brought one bike on rent the bike was really looking new they are providing good services.

    November 3, 2022 at 4:25 PM Log in to reply.
  4. sahil

    If you don’t want to do expenses on purchasing bike you can easily get bike on rent from them they provide best services.

    November 3, 2022 at 4:42 PM Log in to reply.
  5. Ganesh

    If you want to take bike, scooty on rent you can easily contact for bike rental in Jai sai motors Rishikesh

    November 3, 2022 at 5:01 PM Log in to reply.

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